Congratulations on your decision to buy a new home! This can be both an exciting and, for many, an overwhelming experience.

So what can you do to simplify the process as much as possible? Great question!

Here’s what experience shows:

Count On Your Loan Officer To:

  1. Answer your questions about the loan process.
  2. Select the loan product that meets your needs.
  3. Update you and your Realtor with weekly loan updates.

Count On Your Real Estate Agent To:

  1. Identify and show homes that match your defined needs.
  2. Present a compelling offer and negotiate on your behalf.
  3. Guide you through the escrow process.

Always Remember To:

  1. Ask questions throughout the process, whenever they come up.
  2. Provide requested documentation as soon as possible.
  3. Lift with your knees, not your back.

To put it another way, communication is everything.